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Article Publishing System

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On the web, content is king... but managing a website with a large amount of content can be challenging, to say the least. If the right foundation is used, the job can be easy. If not, it can become a full-time job... and a huge chore! Who needs that?

Creating your site's content can happen in many ways with Article Publisher PRO, a time-proven article management system. You can write articles or post your own news reports, you can allow others to contribute their articles and news items, and you can subscribe to RSS feeds from a wide variety of sources and post clips.

Managing articles and comments is easy, too, with the many options provided by our article management script... it really is a comprehensive content management system oriented toward efficient handling of articles and news clippings.

Generating revenue is enabled automatically by turning on Google Adsense blocks... and there are many positions where the ads can be placed.

Read on to learn more... and to see screenshots below.

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frontend (Author Login: demo / demo)
backend (Admin Login: admin / demo)

NOTE: The demonstration system is automatically reset periodically.

Also, some silly people claiming to be "hackers" sometimes put junk into the demo content. Why? I don't know. Since we GIVE FULL ADMIN access to the demo, it takes ABSOLUTELY NO HACKING SKILL at all to modify entries. Pathetic.


Single Domain

License Fee: $ 99.95 USD
SALE... save $20!
License Fee: $ 79.95 USD
License Type: Lifetime
Updates: 12 months included
Support: 12 months included

Recent Enhancements
  • Optional CAPTCHA on public forms to prevent spam
  • Layout change to utilize CSS so most appearance changes can be made in a single style sheet
  • Extra Adsense placement options
  • Better handling of incoming RSS feeds
  • More secure WYSIWYG author editor and image uploading
  • Option to resize uploaded images
  • Enhanced cross-browser compatibility
  • Improved admin functions
  • Fixed a number of bugs
  • Many minor enhancements

CSS Page Layout

click to view full size screenshot

The first thing most people want to do when purchasing a PHP script like Article Publisher PRO is to "make it their own"... to give the site their own "look". This can be very difficult in many scripts... but it's easy here: just change some stylesheet settings and — bang! — the appearnce of the entire site changes. Whether backgrounds, font colors and sizes, block header colors, background images... it can all be done with the style sheet.

Many Article Features

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Each article displays a number of attributes, including the published date, author, and category. A brief author bio box is also shown, giving a little background on the person who wrote the article PLUS a links to other articles they've written and a form to contact that author. Within the content of the article, keywords can be automatically linked to other pages or sites (defined in the admin section).

Article Comments and Rating

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Encouraging visitor involvement on your site is important to building a returning, participating traffic base. You can choose whether or not to allow people to submit comments about articles and, if so, whether they require approve or will be posted instantly. Similarly, visitors can rate articles, which then changes their rank.

Submitting Articles

click to view full size screenshot

When an author submits an article, the process is about as easy as it gets! No HTML knowledge is needed since a powerful editor allows simple formatting at the click of a button. ALSO, Article Publisher PRO features a secure method of enabling authors to upload images to be linked within their articles... and these are stored in a private area that they control.

Flexible System — Easy Admin Control Panel

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The control panel provides tools to manage all aspects of your article-based website: articles, categories, and comments... users, groups, and newsletter subscribers... and many other site-wide settings.

Control Uploaded Image Sizes

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The ability to upload images is key to a visually attractive and engaging website, but users invariably cause problems by uploading photos that are too large, which causes such ugly problems as pages being too wide to read (horizontal scrolling is a big NO when designing a website!). The administrator can define the maximum width and height of images used for author profiles (avatars), category headers, and inline article images.

Create Content With Incoming RSS Feeds

click to view full size screenshot

In addition to allowing visitors to subscribe to YOUR RSS feeds (out-bound), Article Publisher PRO allows you to define IN-BOUND RSS FEEDS, which are captured and become articles on your site, under any category you choose.

Easy Adsense Placement

click to view full size screenshot

If you site will be ad supported, Google Adsense is a natural choice. You can simply enter your publisher ID and choose among the placement options to quickly deploy ads throughout your site. If you don't use Adsense and want to incorporate other ads, you can easily customize any of the ad templates.

Many Other Features

Our powerful and proven PHP script has too many features to list, so we invite you to explore our demonstration system. It is fully-functional and you can see the "front end" like any internet visitor, the "private side" that only a registered user/author has access to, and the "back end" administrative control panel where you manage the entire site. Feel free to log in and check it out!

Among the other features of Article Publisher PRO

  • Create HTML article content using easy article editor
  • Easy user profile management
  • Email an article to a friend tool for visitors
  • Provide RSS feeds to users and other webmasters
  • Newsletter subscription and distribution management
  • Manage members by groups, each with different permissions
  • Optional search-engine-friendly URL feature (requires .htaccess)
  • Powerful search capabilities
  • Category (and subcategory) management for organizing articles
  • Take down the site with a friendly message for maintenance
  • Template-driven system for easier customization
  • Easy MySQL backup tool
  • And much, much more...

License/Purchase Terms

License is for USE on a single domain. NO ownership or resale rights are included. Since we are delivering software, we do not offer refunds. Examine the features and explore our fully-functional demonstration system BEFORE purchasing. Also, please feel free to contact us with any questions you may have prior to ordering.

Single Domain

License Fee: $ 79.95 USD
License Type: Lifetime
Updates: 12 months included
Support: 12 months included

Ask about multi-domain licensing discounts as well as private labeling rights.


We do offer an optional script installation service for $20 (most systems). You'll see this option during the checkout steps.
Price : $20.00 USD per license

Credit Line Removal

Optional right to remove the ScriptsFrenzy credit line (link in the footer) on your website. Especially valuable if you are a web designer using the script to fulfill a customer requirement. Copyright notices within the PHP source code, which is not seen by the public, must remain.
Price : $50.00 USD per license


PHP 4.3.0 or greater
MySQL 4.0.0 or greater
ionCube support (loaders included in the zip file)
Server: Unix/Linux - Powered by Apache
Search-engine-friendly URL feature requires .htaccess support
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